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Final Submission Date for SUMMER FY25 Early College Support Grant FC460 (designated programs only)


5:00 pm

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The SUMMER FY25 Early College Support Grant FC460 is available in EdGrants. (This grant is ONLY for currently designated Early College Programs.)

The  final submission due date for ALL grantees is July 15th. (Cashay will provide programs with start dates, please do not assume you can start immediately.) Please review the instructions below and use the attached documents to submit all required information.

  1. You must have EdGrants user credentials before you can submit the application in EdGrants.  If you need user credentials, please review  This is where you can obtain a User Request Form and who needs to send the requests.
  2. Log in to EdGrants Front Office.
  3. Register and create the project in EdGrants to upload the Application Submission.
  4. Click Funding Opportunity Registrations find the funding opportunity and click the register button to register for the funding opportunity.  The Funding Opportunity Name in EdGrants is:  DESE – FY25 Fund Code 460 – Early College Support Grant SUMMER (State) TAR
  5. Please submit the summer portion of the grant ASAP
  6. Click Projects to create and name your project. Use the filter to find the Funding Opportunity and click the add project icon to create and name the project. Please use the following naming convention in EdGrants: FY25 FC 460 (Applicant Name).
  7. Click Submissions to enter your Application Submission in EdGrants.  All required forms posted in the RFP must be uploaded to EdGrants in the Attachments List. This includes a signed PDF of the Part I.  The budget will be entered directly into EdGrants on the Budget Entry formlet.

For more detailed guidance on uploading the grant application and other EdGrants information, please review the How to Apply documents posted here. This document walks you through step by step as to how to complete Application submission in EdGrants.

Questions? Contact Cashay Grant-Woods.